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There are three common methods of coating fruit, nuts, or candy: panning, dipping, or enrobing.

The panning method is used almost exclusively at Chocolate FX as the ‘gold standard’ of artisan excellence in chocolate making.

Panning is an artisan method of coating used by the ancient Egyptians who discovered that an item, such as a nut, would become uniformly coated if tumbled in a pan while liquid is drizzled onto them. The technique became known as ‘panning’ and modern methods involve a rotating bowl that looks similar to a small cement mixer. Warm white, dark, or milk chocolate is sprayed or poured on the centers (the nut or fruit piece) as they rotate in revolving pans, then cold air is blown into the pan to harden the chocolate.

At Chocolate FX our panning production area is visible from our retail store and visitors can watch our artisan chocolate makers pan-coat such things as almonds & hazelnuts, cranberries & raisins, jujubes & jelly beans, and so much more. Chocolate FX has over 85 different panned chocolate items for you to enjoy.

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"If you can't dip it in chocolate, it's not worth eating!"

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